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His genius, writings and persona have made him an academic celebrity, but one acclaimed with just cause. But, as one seasoned freelance science writer puts it, "it is very difficult to make editors accept good science stories as a freelancer.

Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Richard Feynman was one of the best-known scientists in the world during his time, and is still widely known today for his work in quantum mechanics, particle physics and superfluidity. Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson: De Waal is famous for his studies of great apes, namely our closest genetic relative the bonobo ,though he has also studied the chimpanzee extensively.

Science fiction in India has lately emerged as a respectable literary genre. Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker has helped to redefine how we understand the human mind, from its evolution to language usage.

His research has helped the field make great strides, and his work is well worth a read.

How do I become a science journalist?

Clarke, Asimov, Rowling all over again. He shared his passion for science through his writings and was highly successful, winning a Kalinga Prize for helping to popularize science.

In day today life people are generally to the trends and innovation in fields of science and technology. Few would argue that Newton was one of the greatest thinkers to ever live and his works like Principia Mathematica helped change the very way we and the scientific community think about our world.

A physician and etymologist, Thomas' writings garnered him numerous awards throughout his career. Once they accept an article from you, they may come back for more. He details many of his adventures and his discoveries in his books, including Quest in the Desert and This Business of Exploring.

An Extraordinary New View of the Universe. Physicist Brian Greene is best known for his popular science book The Elegant Universe in which he lays out the field of string theory in an accessible manner.

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Not to be confused with Timothy Ferriss, science writer Tim Ferris has written a number of best-selling popular books on physics and cosmology. Sign up for training updates Be the first to get our practical guides and learn about our training courses and offers.

I wrote an entire article just over a month ago. Luminescent Threads is about Octavia E. In order to become a certified patent agent you need to pass the exam conducted by that country.

Along with Alexandra Pierce, she is the editor of Luminescent Threads: Most people see the bulk of scientific knowledge as simply irrelevant to their needs and interest and they are probably right. He crafted long iron tubes, filled them with gunpowder and fastened them to bamboo poles to create the predecessor of the modern rocket.

The 50 Best Science Writers of All Time

Evolution and Genetics Here, you'll find some of the biggest and best minds in evolutionary science and genetics who shared their thoughts and research with a wider audience. We rarely get any support from India.

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Jul 07,  · Science Fiction Writers Meet In India 8th sci fi writers conference was inaugurated by messiah of Indian sci fi writing Jayant was an unforgetable experience for douglasishere.comipants from many Indian languages and regions expressed their concerns over the state of sf writing in Hindi,Tamil,Marathi,,Kannad,Malayalam douglasishere.comgabad,Maharastra,India.

Starting immediately, TIGS-India is seeking applications from outstanding candidates for a Science Writer.

The position is a 5-year contract and the person is expected to work in Bangalore at TIGS-India. A science writer/ science communicator has an important role to play to develop a scientifically informed and attitudinally rational society, by way of interpretation of scientific knowledge and scientific concepts to the public through the use of mass media, be it print, broadcast, folk, interactive or digital.

One does not really need a reason to celebrate the fabulous and fantastic women writers of India who’ve enriched science fiction – taking it in new directions with each tale they tell.

There's one, I know of, who has been received well by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, founded in as a means to promoting and publicizing the work of thinkers, who examine the social implications of scientific and technolog. The distillation technique of zinc production goes back to the 12th Century AD and is an important contribution of India to the world of science.

Seamless Metal Globe Sanchari is a biotech engineer who fell in love with writing and decided to make it her profession. She is also a die-hard foodie, a pet-crazy human, a passionate history.

Science writers in india
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Indian science fiction writers are better known to White readers than Indian ones: Mimi Mondal